About Us

What is MYLOPY?

MYLOPY stands for "Meet Your Local People" and enables you to discover the world authentically by meeting local people. Together, live unforgettable experience and immerse yourself in another culture. The MYLOPY platform, website and mobile app, allows you to book quickly and easily memorable activities and experiences. Become a Lopy and share your passions with foreign visitors.

Share exceptional
experiences with locals!

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When we travel, we yearn to discover new things, examine the local's customs, and share our mutual cultures. However, language remains often the first barrier. Now, thanks to MYLOPY, meet local people who speak your language and wish to share exceptional experiences with you.

Experiences and activities that you can find on MYLOPY

Want to discover hidden places, exquisite restaurants, trendy bars?
With the MYLOPY platform it’s possible! Live all these authentic experiences with the Lopys.

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