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What is MYLOPY?

MYLOPY is an international web and mobile platform where visitors and locals are able to connect and discover the city with the help of the locals. The Lopys (contracted form of local people) offer their services by planning trips for the visitors in order for them to have the best authentic experience.

Become a Lopy & upload a trip

  • How to become a Lopy?

    It’s FREE! To become a Lopy, you have to register on our website to create a profile. Once you have created your profile, you can submit an idea for a trip by following the instructions for your first expedition. Our team will then review your trip and once approved the bookings will be opened. You are now a Lopy!

  • Who can be a Lopy?

    Everyone! Whether a student, employed, or retired, anyone can be a Lopy. All you need is time. A Lopy is someone who wants to share his passion for his city. If you are curious and want to meet people with a different culture, MYLOPY is made for you.

  • Is it free to upload a trip on MYLOPY website and what kind of trips can I offer?

    It’s completely free! You can create a trip corresponding to your passions. They can be of any kind and related to: food, art & culture, sport, fashion & shopping, music & nightlife or city walks.

  • Are the Lopy paid?

    Yes. The Lopy decides how much they charge for their trip. We only take 15% commission when the booking is confirmed to run our platform.

  • How can I create the best experience for the visitor?

    You must be knowledgeable about your trip and passionate about it. The visitor must enjoy the experience and feel your passion during the expedition in order to have a good time

    To plan a good trip, here are some tips :

    1. You can first try the tour of your trip, why not with friends or by yourself. This way you can better prepare yourself for the upcoming tour. Be sure to know when shops or locations that you want to visit open and close. Take pictures so that you can upload on MYLOPY website : remember pictures are one of the best ways to draw the visitor’s attention
    2. When you are in the process of creating a trip, write a complete description with a catchy title - avoiding spelling mistakes- that will give the visitor the urge to meet you and do the trip with you.
    3. Write a few lines to describe yourself and talk about some of your interests.
    4. Try to put a fair price for your trip. You can check out the trips of other Lopys in order to give you an idea of the prices charged by others.
    5. Do not forget to update your availability.

    These tips will better help you to get higher reviews, ratings and position in the search results.

  • How can I upload my trip on MYLOPY website?

    To upload your trip on MYLOPY website, click the button, “Add a new trip” at the top right corner of your screen. Then fill out all the information required using the instructions given. Our team will certify the information that you have entered and will make sure it corresponds to our philosophy and respects the MYLOPY rules and regulations. Once the trip is validated, it will be available for viewers to book on the MYLOPY Trip Page.

Pricing & Costs

  • How do I set the price for my trip?

    You can take a look at other Lopys’ trips to get an idea of the price-range. You need to take into consideration the amount of time you will be investing in and how unique your trip will be in order to set a fair price. MYLOPY team can also give you some advice if needed.

    When setting the price, keep in mind that MYLOPY take a commission of 15% of the total price that you charge for your trip to run the platform.

  • What is the minimum and the maximum price I can set?

    There are no limits for pricing. However, the MYLOPY team may advise you to change it if the given price for your trip is too low or too high.

  • Does MYLOPY take a commission from my trip?

    MYLOPY charges a commission of 15% on the total price that you will set up for your trip, in order to run the platform.

Pictures & Videos

  • Do I have to take pictures of the trip?

    The visitors will be attracted by pictures. Photos are a good representation of what you will propose and can help him to get a glimpse of what you will offer.
    Please be aware that it’s not legal to use pictures where copyright belong to third parties (example: photos from Google or other websites)

  • Do they have to be professional pictures?

    It is not necessary. Pictures from your phone can be as good as pictures from professional camera. The pictures just have to be attractive and give a good representation of your trip.

Getting Paid

  • How and when do I get paid?

    When the tour is finished the money will be sent to your bank account given the information you entered in your MYLOPY account. (paypal or..) It can take few days.

  • Why must visitors and I use the MYLOPY payment system?

    We collect the payment from the traveler when the reservation is requested and booked. Plus our payment system is secure, reliable, and convenient. By keeping your transactions on MYLOPY, you are upholding the terms of use and can be assured that you will receive the correct payout for every reservation. Additionally, we will uphold the cancellation policy once the reservation is booked and finalized.

Booking Process

  • What do I have to do when I receive a booking request from a visitor?

    When a visitor sends you a booking request, you will receive an email and a notification appearing on your ‘Dashboard’. Then you must click on the link provided to see the details and decide whether or not to accept it.

  • What happens if a booking request expire?

    You have 24 hours to formally respond to a booking request, it’s highly recommended that you answer within 12 hours. If you leave a request unattended and it expires, this will have an impact on the positioning of your trip in the search results.

  • Am I allowed to decline on reservation request?

    You have no obligation to accept a booking request. You can decline any booking request for any reason.

    Declining a booking request has no impact on your listing, but expired requests can negatively affect your placement in the search results. However you cannot decline an Instant booking (see next question)

  • What is Instant Booking?

    The Instant Booking allows the visitor to book your trip without waiting for your confirmation. This is a great way to get more reservations! So please be sure to always have your calendar updated to receive bookings without the necessity of a previous confirmation.
    No worries you will not receive ”‘Instant booking” less than 24 hours before your trip start, to be sure you have plenty of time to welcome your visitor.

  • How to do to Turn On Instant Booking?

    When you are creating your trip, you will be able to select the booking method for your trip. Otherwise, you just have to go to "Edit my trips" and choose the option Instant Booking.

Planning & Organizing Trips

  • How do I meet up with the visitor?

    We recommend you to put a specific meeting point on your description to help visitors to know where to meet you. The best meeting point is probably a metro station, do not forget to mention the number or name of the exit. You can also exchange a few messages to find each other.

  • How can I get it touch with the visitor?

    You have the possibility to contact the visitor through our online messaging system but we recommend you to ask for the visitor’s phone number, email address or anything that could help you in case of an emergency, if you are running late or if you want to change the meeting point for example.
    The information concerning the visitor will be available on his profile, only when the booking request is validated. Your information will also be available to him after confirmation of the reservation.
    You will be able to share your informations (email, phone number, website etc.) through our messaging system only when the booking is validated.

  • Can a visitor changes the date and time for the trip?

    Yes, it is possible for a visitor to change the date and time for the trip but not himself. In this case the visitor will get in touch with you in order to determine together the new details of your trip.

  • What happens in case of lateness?

    In case a Lopy is late, the latter ought to notify it to the visitor(s), either through MYLOPY’s internal message box or via any other possible communication method (phone call, text message, etc.) and respect the estimated length of the trip as mentioned on the website.
    In case a visitor is late, the latter ought to notify it to the Lopy. However, the Lopy is not required to wait any longer than 15 minutes of lateness and may cancel the trip - in which case, the visitor will not be refunded.

  • How can I recognize a visitor?

    If the visitor does not have a profile photo, you can contact them through the MYLOPY internal messaging system and together find a way to recognize each other, for example ask about his / her clothes colors. If the Lopy do not have a profile picture, you can contact him the day of the trip using MYLOPY messaging system or with your phone.

  • What if there is an accident during the trip?

    The selected trip arising only from the agreement concluded between the Lopy and the visitors, the users of the service (Lopys and visitors) act on their own responsibility. Therefore, the smooth running of the trip offered by the Lopy and selected by the visitor cannot bear the responsibility of MYLOPY, as the service offered by MYLOPY is only an intermediation service.


  • Can I cancel my reservation?

    Cancellations by Lopys are a very serious issue. We recommend not to do so unless you have a very good reason, since they can create a big inconvenience for the visitor. If you choose to cancel a reservation, you will be held responsible for the cancellation. It also affects your credibility and MYLOPY reputation.
    In this case, MYLOPY will refund the full price paid by the visitor.

    The Lopys are authorized to cancel a confirmed booking only in case of force majeure. Of course, we understand that sometimes a cancellation is inevitable. If this is absolutely necessary, we recommend you contact the visitor to explain the situation. Then, you can officially cancel the reservation.

    If a Lopy cancel too frequently, we can apply strict measures such as blocking the user.

  • What happens if a visitor cancels a reservation?

    Sometimes visitors can not participate and have to cancel. In this case and depending on the chosen cancellation conditions and the date on which the visitor cancels his / her reservation, you will receive or not the amount of the booking.
    As a Lopy you have 3 cancellation policy choice. If you want to get more booking we recommend you to chose the more flexible option

    1. Flexible

    For an integral refund to the visitor, cancellation must be made 24 hours before the trip begins, or if time is not indicated prior to 12:00 AM local time the day before. You will not get any payment in that situation. In case of cancellation less than 24 hours before, if traveler arrives more than 15 minutes late, or begins and decides to leave early: the entire experience cost is non-refundable. In that specific case you will get full payment of the trip cost

    No payment to the Lopy
    100% payment

    2. Moderate

    For an integral refund to the visitor, cancellation must be made 4 days before the trip begins.You will not get any payment in that situation.
    Traveler cancels less than 4 days the trip but more than 24 hours before begins, traveler will receive a 50% refund. In that case you will get 50% payment of the cost of your trip.
    In case of cancellation less than 24 hours before, if traveler arrives more than 15 minutes late, or begins and decides to leave early: the entire experience cost is non-refundable. In that specific case you will get full payment of the trip cost.

    No payment
    50% payment
    100% payment

    3. Strict

    For 50% refund to the visitor, cancellation must be made 7 days before the trip begins.In that case you will get a payement of 50% of the cost of your trip.
    Traveler cancels less than 7 days before, the cost is not refundable.

    50% payment
    100% payment


  • How do reviews work?

    On MYLOPY, users inform other members of the community about their experience. They are real opinions of community members who have tried the experience.
    Once the trip is complete, you will receive an email and a notification inviting you to leave a comment and rate the visitor.
    You also have the possibility on your dashboard to leave a review.
    Reviews are a good way to promote trust and safety. It is the best way to earn a good reputation on MYLOPY and to let the community know how great you are!

  • How can I reply to a review?

    The visitor will leave a comment. Following this step you will receive an email or a notification appearing on your dashboard with the possibility to reply to the visitor’s rate and review.

    If you receive a Reviews that do not follow MYLOPY’s rules of use or values it will be automatically removed.

  • Is it possible to delete a review?

    It is not possible to delete a review. However, if the commentary contains offensive language or does not respect the values of MYLOPY, it is entirely possible for you to contact the team to evaluate the comment and to take the necessary measures.

Trust and Safety

  • Why is it necessary to keep communication and transactions on MYLOPY?

    Keeping communication and transactions on MYLOPY ensures the security of the payment. The exchanges on the site make possible to keep a written trace of everything that happens through the platform.

  • How does MYLOPY reinforce and maintain confidence and security?

    About the confidence, you should be aware that all personal information communicated on our platform is strictly confidential.

    One of our main priority is the security of our community and because of this, we do everything within our power to keep travelers and locals from having bad experiences.
    Of course, incidents and bad experiences are a possibility, and for this we provide a strong customer service team to help with everything you need.

  • Does MYLOPY inquire about its users?

    Because MYLOPY is an open community, we do not investigate users. We reserve the right to do so if we need to. However, we include a number of features to ensure confidence and security on our website.
    User privacy is really important matter for us, that is why we ensure that all of personal information you put on the website are strictly confidential.

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